Time to gang up.

Join forces with your competitors to split the cost of insanely expensive
clicks and decrease CPC by at least 33% - while our marketing
powerhouse increases your leads by 33%, minimum.

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How it works

Competitors Pre-Register

You and two of your competitors register to participate in the relevant ad-split.

Landing Page Creation & Budget Revisions

Ad Splitters will create a brilliant shared landing page for all three participants to review. We'll finalize the total monthly ad spend and finalize any changes you'd like to the shared landing page.

Campaign Goes Live

Once the shared landing page and ad-spend is finalized, the campaign goes live and ads are turned on. You'll receive a monthly report outlining what you paid per click, what you saved per click, as well as how many clicks and leads were generated.

Obsessively Optimize

We're obsessed with optimizing what we do because we know making you more money, will make us more money. We'll obsessively optimize the ad campaigns and landing pages each and every day.

What problem are we solving?

Plain and simple -- The cost of clicks associated with Adwords, Facebook and other advertising channels are out of control and unaffordable. By sharing a landing page with your fellow competitors, you gain the first mover advantage, awesome marketing that leads to less spend and more conversions, and you pay at least 1/3rd for each click because you and two other competitors are sharing the cost of each click.

Real benefits

Cut CPCs Dramatically

Cut the cost per click by up to 80% with a guaranteed cut of at least 33%.

Level The Playing Field

You no longer need deep pockets to compete. Get clicks from insanely expensive keywords that are otherwise unaffordable on your own.

Always At The Top

We keep all of our ads at the top, between position #1 and #3. No more worrying about spending too much to stay at the top.

Unaffordable Becomes Affordable

We make unaffordable keywords and clicks affordable for those that need it most. No longer will your individual budget hold you back from ranking at the top for the industries most expensive keywords.

Work With a Powerhouse

Our powerhouse creates and obsessively optimizes brilliant landing pages and ads that will make you more money and generate more leads for you than you could on your own, with an agency, employee or with a freelancer.

Meet the team

A Team You Can Brag About

We're not arrogant, we're just that good. We kick ass at search marketing, online advertising and landing page optimization in a way that goes way beyong "knowing your way around". We talk a big game because we back it up with results.


Team led by Long Island entrepreneur, investor, multi-million dollar marketer and paid search veteran, Michael Sherman. "Over $50 million managed in ad-spend"

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  • Michael Sherman

  • Chelsea Gilbert

    Paid Search & Landing Pages
  • Patrick McCarthy

    Marketing & Strategy
  • Cosmin Lazar

    Lead Developer

Our favorite quote

"This goes against everything I pitch most of my clients. I traditionally tell them to go against their competition, not work with them. But when I saw it from a different perspective and unbiased view, I see the genius in the Ad Splitters solution for high-CPC industries.”