Personal Injury Ad-Split

$15,000 Total Split

This campaign is dedicated to reducing the cost per click for Personal Injury Law Firm located in New York for keywords such as "Personal Injury Lawyer" and all related keywords where users are in the location of New York. We will reduce the CPC by a minimum of 33% and an average of 50%. Our landing page will showcase, review and boast the top 3 NY personal injury firms and comply with all legal advertising laws. Each firm will be rotated on the page equally between the three positions.

We will allow the participants to propose a revised monthly spend/split and review/suggest keywords.

Only 2 slots left

New York
Adwords, Bing
3 Allowed
2 left
December 15, 2017
Month to month; Cancel anytime
Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Law Firm (with NY/New York modifiers)
$6 (vs $20/click on your own)
We will only target users searching within the New York location. All other users will be excluded. We will also run A/B tests, daily negative keyword review and additions, 24 hour bid optimmizations, hour of day analysis, zip code and location optimizations, daily ad review and optimizations, callouts, sitelinks and potential click to call implementation for each splitter.